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Injection moulding is used to make a wide range of plastic products, from engineering components through to consumer parts in all industrys. One of the main benefits of the process is that it is very fast and complicated shapes can be made from thermoplastic polymers. Injection moulding involves heating the polymer until it is liquid and then using pressure to force it into a mould. Injection-moulded parts can often be identified by their gate point, a witness mark where the plastic was injected into the mould. They may also have a split line visible where the two halves of the mould tool meet.
You give us an indication / estimate of how many mouldings you will need per month / annum and we will revert back with the most economical layout/materials for your tooling.
No, we always offer our fastest turn around and lead times, these will be agreed with you at the start of your project.
We provide a quick response to any changes in specification, batch size or material. Any potential issues will be addressed and dealt with promptly and if necessary you can meet with us at our facilities here.


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